We started in 2009

There have been many changes, but a little about us 



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Royston 1998

We opened our first agency in 1998 in Royston called Homelease. After years of hard work and solid trading, we sold to Thomas Morris in 2003 and closed.

LDN Starts in 2009

In the midst of the recession in 2009, we opened up again as LDN. We could see there was a need for cut-price house sales and landlords wanted rent security. After that, we never stopped and kept going.

Developing Over Time...

Since then we have developed to sell and let many properties.  Customers stay with us, as our fees are reasonable and we are consistent. We are largely run by family and committed staff.  We are pleased to announce the appointment of Omi to ensure operations run well.  We are also welcoming new software to make communication and recording better. Since Covid19, we are now operating online.  However, we are still selling and letting properties as we always have done.

Our Services


Property Sales - Less than you think

Property Sales - Less than you think Selling a property is quite easy! Just 3 main things:
– well-presented advertising
– responsive agents
– knowledgeable agents
– organized sales progression

Rent arrears

This is a perpetual anxiety for landlords, but with us, this doesn’t happen – your rent is guaranteed. You are paid by us every month for the full period of your letting contract.
We always pay and we take care of evictions if they are necessary.

Looking to rent fast?

With our Silver plan, we lease the property from you for a set period of years and pay you each month. Best of all there is a set start date, so we pay even if empty.
We can give you a fast rental estimate and get the paperwork done online.

Excellent professional agency and very good to work with. Very communicative and efficient. A breath of fresh air, would happily use again.
Wasn’t sure about using these agents for selling a house in Iver, I must confess! However, they got the house sold in 2 days and we are completing next week! Thanks guys!Melissa.

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