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Here are some answers to commonly asked questions

  • No absolutely not!  This is wrong and we believe in the traditional way, you pay the agent when the job is done.  So you simply sign a contract to instruct us and then pay us £850 when the property is sold (complete with the solicitor, not marked sold on our site).

  • What is your commission?

No, we are pleased to say everything is included.

The only clause is that we have sole agency for 3 months.  This means only we market the property for 3 months.  This ensures we sell it for you and are incentivised to do so!

We market until it is sold and complete.

We have an outsource office in Manchester, this keeps costs down.  We have a small physical office in St Albans.  However, the reality is that the agent that works with you will most likely work from home or on the go most of the time.

You can cancel and we can by giving 2 months notice in writing.  But nobody has yet!

Unlike many other online agents, this is not extra.  It is included in the price.

We will send you a weekly report and our agent will contact you.  We progress things quickly and carry out viewings promptly, to get the property sold fast.

Yes we tell you, mostly by phone call unless you prefer otherwise.

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate, which provides a SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) rating for the energy efficiency of a property from A (very efficient) to G (very inefficient). Each certificate lasts for 10 years unless major renovation work is carried out on the property.

We cover some parts of Herts and Bucks around the north west quarter of London.

We cover North West London.  We do this, as we want to do a good job and not dilute our service too much.

Unfortunately, property fraud has vastly increased in recent years.  Tenants or strangers pose as owners and attempt to sell a property that is not theirs.
Therefore, we ask for ID and proof of ownership to protect you from this.
We know it seems overkill, but it is done to ensure nobody takes your property off you.

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