We have 3 levels of service

This will give you peace of mind

Silver Plan

Our silver plan is best for a landlord who does not mind social, council tenants.  Its also suits landlords who are looking for a specific rent start date.

    • Let in 2 days
    • Get paid each month
    • Get paid even if property is empty
    • We manage repairs
    • We manage tenants
    • No % fee to pay
    • We evict if the tenant doesn’t pay
    • We cover legal costs
    • We inform utilities and council tax
    • We handle all of the paperwork
    • No tenant find fee

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Bronze Plan

The bronze plan is best when you have already found a tenant or you need to guarantee an existing tenant.

  • no tenant find fee
  • We pay you and claim money back from the insurers.
  • payment direct from us, not insurers
  • no set up fee
  • guaranteed rent if the tenant does not pay
  • monthly commission is just 4% per month
  • management included
  • legal and eviction costs included
  • tenant liaison included
  • backed up by an insurance policy

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Bronze Plan


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Gold Plan

The gold plan includes a tenant find and also full management and guarantee.  This gives landlords a higher rent and a choice of tenants.  The guarantee is backed by an insurance policy that pays if the tenant doesn’t.

  • Get paid each month, Payment direct from us, not insurers
  • No set up fee
  • Starts when a tenant is found
  • We evict if the tenant doesn’t pay and we cover legal costs
  • We inform utilities and council tax, We handle all of the paperwork
  • 3 week tenant find fee, no let, no fee
  • We manage repairs and the tenants
  • We reference check tenants

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