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Booking Officer
My name is Faith and I handle all of the sales and booking enquiries.  If you are interested in any of our properties, I am the person to speak to.  I have worked with London Online for over 4 years now.


Operations Manager
I love being the operations manager for London Online.  I help keep things going and enjoy the challenge.  I have previous experience of working for banks managing property acquisitions.


Client Co-ordinator
I am the main call handler and operate the switchboard and oversee our insurance policies.

Jo Sy

Client Co-ordinator Maintenance
My name is Jo and I handle all of the repairs and make sure our timelines are operated within.  I also have to filter out unnecessary maintenance that has been caused by client damage or maintenance that can be solved simply by direction on email or phone.


I show prospective buyers around properties in and around the M1 and Watford.


Compliance Officer
I ensure that pensions, safety certificates and policies are correct and valid.  I arrange appointments for safety checks and coordinate the clawbacks for safety certificates.  This means that landlords do not have to take time out to arrange certificates and appointments.

Russell Brady

Russell is an experienced agent, he covers in and around Hillingdon.

Maintenance Staff 2

Maintenance position currently open and being filled by agency staff.


Clare is a an Agent mostly covering Tottenham and Barnet.
Our Offices

We are often asked why our mail address is in Manchester!   We use a service office, as cost wise and with regards to management it is better to outsource.

All of our post and communications are scanned securely onto our server, so that they can then be distributed to relevant staff in our small London office.

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For any questions contact us 01895 605021
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