Lets work together to get your property managed and your rent paid

Its so frustrating, at least you know we always pay

Worrying about unpaid rent

We can help to take away the biggest headache for landlords, rent payments!  We always pay and we deal with the tenants and handle the debt collecting.

Our guarantees are backed up by local authority rents or by insurance policies.

We offer flexible options

Different plans

Not all guarantees are the same.  You might want a particular rent or you might have a property outside of London.

Thats why we offer 3 levels of service to help give you reassurance.  All of the different levels offer :
guaranteed rent
eviction and legal costs
See below for the details of each

This is covered

Legal costs of possession

Very often the legal costs that need to be paid are almost as much as the unpaid rent.  This can be very worrying.

Thats why legal and eviction costs are covered with us and we give you vacant possession.

Managing properties is never ending

Full Management

We handle an average of 57 calls a day for our landlords.

This is tenants with maintenance, tenants leaving, tenants disputing rent payments, tenants making complaints, workers involved with tenants…

This and the management of contractors and compliance is a never ending task.

Thats why management is included with all of our plans.

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How much rent will I get?